Military Ship Aircraft Carrier with SFX and Flashing Lights - Battery Operated Convoy Gunship Action Figure with Bump and Go Action | Novelty Battleship Military Vehicle Carrier Collectable Figurine

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Product Features

NON STOP ACTION: Perfect for the Military enthusiast! Equipped with a 15" platform that can hold military tanks, aircrafts and other army action figures. The toy changes directions when it runs into something! Includes cool sound effects and flashing lights that keep those vivid imaginations pre-occupied. The ship is battery operated so children can enjoy hours of blazing gun ship excitement. Kids can engulf themselves in mesmerizing playtime anywhere. (Rides on smooth surfaces) SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Motor and sensory development is a major part of children's early development. The battery powered figure is an excellent way to enhance children's skills. While playing, they can use their sense of sight and hearing to amuse themselves with this awesome toy. Additionally, your kid's exercise small muscle groups which are essential for children's development. Children can also play together, which enhances your child's social and interactive skill set. PARTY FAVOR | THEME: Perfect for giving out with party bags, and makes a promisingly fun party theme (Military/Army style party) for your kid's next birthday event with friends. In addition, military fanatics can purchase the unit as a collector's item and it can be added to an existing collection of army vehicles and military figurines. ROLE PLAY |FUN LEARNING: Kids can immerse themselves in exciting hours of pretend play with a grown up, a friend, or on their own. There are no holds bars with this cool novelty toy for the little ones. It stimulates your kid's vivid imaginations with cool military sound effects, and bright flashing lights. This fun packed novelty toy, is perfect for growing children. They can imagine themselves as head of a convoy brigade on elite missions! PORTABLE | LIGHTWEIGHT: A favorite with little boys, also an excellent collectible figure, the lightweight vehicle is only 15" x 7" x 4" inches so kids can take it virtually anywhere. Intensely awesome fun for kids 3 years and older! Requires 3 AA batteries (Not included)